Resistance To Corruption Through Posters

Volume 15, Issue 3  | 
Published 04/02/2019

MAZINGIRA INSTITUTE has a very rich archive of resistance materials (T-shirts, Banners, Buttons, Buttons, Posters etc). Here we pick the POSTERS that since 1996 accompanied marches, petitions, and people’s rallies on the specific issue of CORRUPTION. Mazingira Institute’s patriotic project OPERATION FIRIMBI (BLOW THE WHISTLE) AGAINST CORRUPTION, LAND-GRABBING, AND VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS has been part of mass action and resistance to the many varieties of KANU-KENYATTA-MOI-KIBAKI-KENYATTA DICTATORSHIPS.

Please pay great attention to the narratives, the issues, the sites of struggle (Tononoka grounds, Kamukunji grounds), and slogans.

In a Future Publications AWAAZ will carry resistance materials that were part and parcel of the NCEC MOVEMENT FOR A NEW CONSTITUTION (1992-98) and materials that pertain to anti-imperialist struggles such as the one on WTO one of the great engines of neoliberalism, besides the World Bank and the IMF.

The national catastrophe that is CORRUPTION and its relationship to our national sovereign debt has been made clear by the Office of the Auditor-General: Kshs 4.2 Trillion of the debt has been stolen. And we all know where we can find the theft stashed? The US and the Great Britain are the leading countries for money laundering. This is a great testimony to the support imperialism of West and East give to the ruling elite in Kenya and how the elite benefits them.

Why should we be surprised by the patriotic reflection that MAU MAU IS COMING BACK? The Struggle for Land, Freedom, Human Rights, and Social Justice MUST Continue. LONG LIVE THE POSTERS OF RESISTANCE!

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