An Intellectual Journey With My Teachers

Volume 13, Issue 3  | 
Published 04/04/2017

Essay in honour of Professor Yash Pal Ghai

Author: Issa Shivji
: Strathmore University Press
Reviewer: AwaaZ

This 46-page booklet was published by Strathmore University Press as a present to Issa Shivji on his 70th birthday and as a taste of their larger forthcoming liber amicorum, a book of friends, in which former students and colleagues pay tribute to Yash Pal Ghai’s body of work.

Ghai was Shivji’s teacher (1968-9) in University College, Dar es Salaam which Ghai joined in 1963 as a lecturer and rapidly ascended to the position of Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law. The foreword by the Strathmore Law School gives an insight into the vast terrain of Ghai’s accomplishments and work, Shivji throws light on Ghai’s tremendous commitment to scholarship and his amazing humility.

How a young boy named Issa, son of dukawallah parents, raised in a small town in an insulated Ismaili environment in segregated colonial Tanganyika, grew to become one of Africa’s leading intellectuals is a fascinating account and a must read. Issa tells us the story in his easy-to-read style and in so doing touches on the politics of an era.    

The booklet is available from the Strathmore University Press.

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