We live in the age of the city. The city is everything to us— It consumes us, and for that reason we glorify it. Onookome Okome: ‘Writing the Anxious City…’

Kokni Delights

Volume 12, Issue 3 | Published 01/03/2016  

Starved as I am of things Goan here in South Africa, I latched joyfully onto a cookery book by Mrs Nujmoonisa Parker, titled Kokni Delights. It was the word ‘kokni’ that tugged at my memory strings and was, subsequently, to transport me into the vaporous realm of taste memory. That is an experience I owe not to Mrs Parker, however, but to Dina Simoes Guha. The difference in the two surnames will alert anyone with similar taste memories to the fact that kokni delights were not to be mine.

Today we are all Greeks. Why? Because the historic fault line in our times is the struggle for national independence from the Empire, and the Greeks are part of us in that struggle.