Deadly Crossings

Volume 12, Issue 2 | Published 03/10/2015  

In this regular column a teacher, writer and media personality starts from personal anecdote to present an outsider’s reflections on the experience of a different community. The views expressed are entirely his own. His website:

Britain`s Ethnic MPs, Past and Present

Volume 12, Issue 2 | Published 09/10/2015  

In any discussion about the make-up and history of Britain`s ethnic MPs, the name Dadabhai Naoroji will feature prominently as the first Indian to be elected to the House of Commons, in 1892, as a Liberal.  He was defeated at the next election in 1895, when a second Indian MP, Sir Mancherjee Bhownagree, a Tory, was elected.  He served two terms until 1906, when he in turn lost his seat in the landslide victory of the Liberal Party in 1906. Later, in 1922, a third Indian MP, Shapurji Saklatvala, was elected for the Communist Party and served for two terms 1922-23 and 1924-29, in each of which years there was an election which he won twice.