Wagalla is Waziristan is Westgate, Garissa is Kismayo is Nairobi

Volume 12, Issue 1  | 
Published 27/06/2015
Shailja Patel

Bestselling author of Migritude, and a founding member of Kenyans for Peace, Truth and Justice (KPTJ). The African Women's Development Fund named her one of Fifty African Feminists Who Inspire Us. Find her on twitter @shailjapatel

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the morning after a massacre

a country wakes nauseous


no food stays down

no chai comforts


on the roads

they drag crosses


blood is given

blood invoked

blood sanctified

blood is our national language


on TV the men

talk blood and markets



stay out of the newsrooms


there will be more killing

there will always be

more killing


a state will punish survivors

with pogroms


an army will terrorize

the terrrorized, traumatize

the traumatized


the merchants of war

have already moved on

to the next transaction


the death-profiteers spent the night

reviewing cost-benefit reports


a country stares at its amputation stumps

the morning after a massacre

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