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Davinder Lamba - One of World’s Top 10 food trailblazers

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AlertNet’s special report: Solutions For A Hungry World by Anastasia Moloney, dated 2 May, 2012 listed the following top 10 global food trailblazers:

1. Monkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan

2. Gebisa Ejeta

3. Davinder Lamba

4. Vandana Shiva

5. Lula da Silva

6. Howard Buffett

7. Ester Jerome Mtegule

8. Svetlana Maksimova

9. Edward Mukiibi

10. Reema Nanavaty


It had this to say about our well known social justice activist, Davinder Lamba, and introduced to us a talent that few of us were aware of:

Urban Farming Champion

From small vegetable plots and rabbit breeding in the backyards of homes to cattle grazing on the roadsides, urban farming has helped hundreds of thousands of people in Kenya stave off hunger.

Over the past three decades, Davinder Lamba has gone from being one of Kenya's renowned human rights activists to becoming a leading promoter of urban farming and land policies protecting urban farmers.

‘Urban farming is practically everywhere in Kenya. You can see it in the slums and in middle-income households,’ Lamba told AlertNet. ‘Households that can produce even just eggs mean their children are healthier.’

At the Nairobi-based Mazingira Institute, a rights NGO and research centre that Lamba founded in 1978, thousands of local urban farmers have been trained in safer and more efficient ways of growing vegetable crops, producing goat's milk, raising livestock and managing waste.

‘Urban agriculture can create innovation and become an enterprise. It's a question of adapting and making accessible existing technologies within the constraints of space and water that urban farming brings,’ Lamba said.

Popular innovative urban farming practices include vertical gardens, which feature tall sacks or large plastic bags filled with soil and vegetable crops planted in tiers to save space.

Davinder Lamba


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